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How can I contact customer service?

Our customer service is via email. Please contact us at [email protected] Our business hours are 9 am-5 pm EST Monday through Friday. Response times will typically be in 3-5 business days.

I did not receive a digital download card with my record.

Not all vinyl includes a digital download via email or from a card. Please check the product page description to see if the item you ordered includes a digital download. If the description does not indicate that there is a digital download included,

Am I able to stack my discount codes at checkout?

No. Only one discount code can be used per transaction. These cannot be stacked.

My discount code is not working.

If a customer service representative has given you a discount code and it's not working for you, please try using the email that you have used on your order. When we assign discount codes, we assign them to that email. If this still does not work, pl

How can I redeem my rewards?

Please select the button on the bottom right hand side of our home page that reads "rewards". This will direct you to a rewards pop up. Then, select "ways to redeem". This will show you ways that you can redeem your points. Please contact us via shop